- Anti-Scam Soundbites.

Internet boyfriend/girlfriend calling you their wife/husband? #ItsAScam

If you've met your perfect man/woman on an Interent dating site, or they've randomly contacted you on Skype or Facebook then there is a very high likelihood that they aren't who they say they are.

If your new love interest has any of the following traits then tread carefully:

  • They are very quick to try and move you away from the dating site you met on, to communicate with you through instant messaging and texts.
  • They ask you lots of questions about yourself but are vague when talking about themselves (or provide lengthy biographies that look like they are taken from somewhere).
  • They send you poetry or love letters that show a distinctly different writing style to their normal emails.
  • They quickly start calling you by a pet name or use endearing terms such as ‘darling’ or refer to you as their husband or wife.
  • They look like a model in their professionally posed photos.
  • They claim to have an upsetting background - probably divorced or widowed, parents deceased and no close family.
  • They have a mixed heritage (to hide their strong accents if they talk to you on the phone.
  • They come up with a reason to travel overseas, or claim to be a member of the military who is based overseas.
  • The ask you to send them (or someone else) money or gifts or to receive money for them. - Internet boyfriend/girlfriend calling you their wife/husband? #ItsAScam