- Anti-Scam Soundbites.

Has someone asked you to receive a large sum of money for them for some reason? #ItsAScam

African princes and dictators do not contact random individuals via email for help moving vast sums of money out of their country.

Soldiers do not find large sums of money or gold and contact random individuals through email for help getting it out of the country.

You can't inherit someone's money just because you share the same surname as them. If you weren't named in the will and aren't an immediate family member then the money is not yours.

The United Nations and other organisations do not compensate victims of scams by paying them large sums of money.

If you have never worked in a foreign country then you are not entitled to outstanding contract payments from that country.

Diplomats do not travel the world delivering payments and packages to individuals.

If you're being asked to make a small payment (an advance fee) to get a larger sum of money then the only real money involved is yours and the scammers want to steal it.

No matter what the story you are given, if someone you do not personally know tells you they have a large sum of money for you then it is 100% certainly a scam. - Military boy/girlfriend needs you to pay for leave? #ItsAScam