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Quote:Hello! Please pay attention! This is not spam! Your email was given to me in a dating agency, dating through the Internet. It took me a long time to decide to write to you. The current situation in my life gave me the confidence to write you a letter. It's time to drastically change our life. I'm here looking for a man for a serious relationship! You are a free man ? Are you looking for a girl for a serious relationship? Let's start our acquaintance and communication! You'll like it ! You can see my photo. I have attached it to the letter. I forgot to say the most important! My name is Kaukhar. I'm 28 years old . Born and live in Kyrgyz Republic. City of Osh. I hope that distance is not a problem for our communication ? I heard about many examples when men and women from different countries manage to build happy relationships. Maybe this story is about us too! Each of us has the right to happiness! If there is even one chance in a million to be together, let's use it! Please text me back ONLY if you are looking for a serious relationship! It is very important ! I'll be waiting ! I will write more about myself and my life in my next letter. After your answer. I am very glad to start our communication! I wish you a good mood! Kaukhar

To: Me
Subject: hey
From: "" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2024 21:04:16 +0330

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