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Quote:Dear Fund Recipient,

This is the Postal Service of the Republic of Benin, my name is Mrs. Elizabeth Qian, I take this opportunity to inform you that the United Nations (UN) in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has provided compensation for 2024 for those who have unclaimed funds , including those who are victims of online fraud, your information is found in the list.

These nefarious activities have put several African countries and other foreign countries in a bad light on United Nations (UN) committees, which are strongly opposed to economic growth and development. It is a fact that the beneficiaries, should they receive legitimate compensation funds from the Visa card worth 5.5 million dollars, should provide assistance to bad elements in Africa and other foreign countries who create artificial barriers within the State.

The post office has been tasked by the international community to deliver the Five Million Five Hundred US Dollars ($5.5 Million) VISA ATM Card to your doorstep at your residential address. We have investigated and found that you are the rightful owner. We have concluded to send your own Funds to your residential address.

We may not be able to send your Visa ATM card with just your email address, so we need your current information to avoid delivery errors.

Full name :
Parcel Owner Address:
Telephone :
Work :
Copy of your ID:

Contact director:
Name: Dr. Gildas Atindehou
Email address: (
Tel Sad +229) 55064891

We will begin registering your Visa card Funds with DHL Courier Services and send you a tracking number before proceeding to secure delivery of your funds as soon as you reconfirm the information required for safe delivery.

La Poste is one of the world's great success stories, a startup that has revolutionized package delivery and information over the past 30 years. We have become a diverse collection of post offices that are bigger, stronger and better than ever.

You are full of affection
Mrs. Elizabeth Qian

From: "Mrs. Elizabeth Qian" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2024 13:16:22 +0100
Subject: Dear Fund Recipient,
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Bcc: Me

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